Shake Shack NYC

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Talking about comfort food? It only means two words for me; simple and satisfying, that's how I will describe Shake Shack.

I'd like to research what I eat and where I eat. I often, choose to support local businesses and entrepreneurs who have similar philosophy and/or values as mine. It goes the same when choosing my employer - I don't just take a job because it is available for me, I feel the need to buy into the business platform to be able to perform my job well.

I've never met Danny Myers but through his books and conversations with the employees in his establishments it shows that they have so much respect for him and they care about the company.

In the business of hospitality, it is hard to balance numbers and life itself, so much more to get everyone onboard, to have the same vision as you do. Managing different types of personalities, coming from different walks of life can sometimes be tough. I would like to share with you 5 things that I’ve learned to be Champions at the team sports of Hospitality by, Danny Meyer:

  • Optimistic Warmth - thoughtfulness and sense that the glass is always at least half full
  • Intelligence - not “smarts” but rather curiosity to learn for the sake of learning
  • Work Ethic - a natural tendency to do something as well as it can possibly done
  • Empathy - an awareness of, care for, and connection to how others fee and how your actions make others feel
  • Self-awareness and integrity - a natural inclination to be accountable for doing the right thing with honest and superb judgement

These pointers have had helped me in developing a stronger team, whom I'd like to call, "ambassadors of hospitality."

What's your management style? I would like to hear your stories - send me a message here.

Shake Shack

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