Thoughts: The Vanishing Half

October 27, 2020  •  Leave a Comment

“You can escape a town but you can’t escape blood. Somehow, the Vignes twins believed themselves capable of both."


Two sisters from the town of Mallard, separated by choice. A choice made to walkaway from what they are, only to find out that, who they are will never concealed the past and the true colours of their skins.

I really enjoyed reading this book, the socioeconomic issues and the transgender equality are seamlessly connected to the plot.

Brit Bennett, captured the reality of how society is divided by race while locking out the readers to a compelling storyline of gender, class, education, and how one can possibly disconnect from the past - and from home.

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“White folks kill you if you want too much, kill you if you want too little.” Willie Lee shook his head, packing tobacco into his pipe. “You gotta follow they rules but they change ’em when they feel. Devilish, you ask me.” - Willie Lee


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