Thoughts: The Tea Girl Of Hummingbird Lane

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"The colour of the brew is rich and dark with mystery. The first flavour is peppery, but that fades to divine sweetness. The history of my people shimmers in my bones. With every sip, it's as if I'm wordlessly reciting my lineage. I'm at once merged with my ancestors and with those who'll come after me. I grew up believing that rice was to nourish and the tea was to heal. Now I understand the tea is also to connect and to dream. The seduction is deeper and more profound than could happen with any man." - Li Yan


Another novel by Lisa See. After reading The Island of Sea Women, I crave for more - Lisa has the ability to transport you to a journey and leave you with an in-depth connections with the characters without losing the plot.

Brew a cup of tea and escape with The Tea Girl of Hummingbird Lane, to discover the remote town of China with its historically rich Pu'er tea production and its life long connection to modern Chinese migration to the United States. *A story of two powerful women separated by circumstance, culture and distance.

Learn more about the Novel: Lisa Sea

*Excerpt from the book.


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